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Privacy policy


1 Introduction

Sir David Martin Foundation (SDMF) raises money to fund programs that help young people in crisis. These programs are delivered by Mission Australia which is the Trustee of the Sir David Martin Foundation.

Personal information is collected and held about supporters to enable funds to be raised. Respecting and maintaining an individual’s right to privacy in accordance with Australian Privacy Principles is fundamental element of the relationship with supporters.


2 Objective

The objective of this Policy is to establish how an individual’s personal information will be managed in order to comply with Australian Privacy Principles.


3 Scope

This Policy applies to personal information for individuals that are external to SDMF such as donors, partners and suppliers. It does not apply to personal information for individuals within SDMF such as staff members, governors, volunteers or labour hire contractors.


4 Management of Private Information for Individuals

SDMF will:

  • Take all reasonable steps to ensure that personal information about individuals is managed in an open and transparent way;
    1. Provide this policy free of charge and in an appropriate form for public access;
    2. Maintain adequate security of personal information about individuals to protect it from misuse, interference and loss from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure;
    3. Establish reporting channels to receive privacy enquiries from individuals, and for reports of privacy breaches to be received and acted upon;
    4. Conduct privacy impact assessments for all new projects where personal information about individuals will be handled or where a change is proposed to information handling practices;
    5. Provide an option for individuals to use a pseudonym or otherwise be anonymous unless it is impractical or inhibits the adequacy or quality of service provided to the individual;
    6. Ensure the Chief Privacy Officer of the Trustee provides oversight privacy governance processes and ensure compliance with Australian Privacy Principles;
    7. Provide relevant work training and privacy awareness on how the Australian Privacy Principles apply to SDMF and how they are reflected in privacy practices, procedures and systems; and
    8. Annually review the adequacy of this policy as well as the privacy practices, procedures and systems across the organisation.


5 Personal Information Collected and Held

5.1 Kinds of Personal Information

The kind of personal information about individuals that is collected and held by SDMF includes:

  • Names, addresses, contact and bank details for supporters and suppliers;
    1. Images, video and sound recordings of individuals we interact with;
    2. Information associated with web browsing, email, text messaging, phone calls or other electronic interactions with individuals;
    3. Our supporters are vital to our long term viability and in some cases, we may keep other personal information that allows us to maintain a more “personal” contact with such individuals, such as birthdates and the names of family members

5.2 How Personal Information is Collected and Held

Ordinarily, personal information is collected with the consent of the individual at the time of an individual’s interaction with SDMF.

Personal information may be collected in hard copy form or electronic. Hard copy records are required to be held securely. Electronic records are held in databases with security safeguards.

5.3 Purposes for which Personal Information is Collected, Held, Used and Disclosed

Personal information about donors is collected so that we can maintain contact. We let our donors and supporters know of the work we are doing so that they can see the outcomes of their support and so that, if they wish, they can continue to do so.

Personal information about individuals is collected, held and used to satisfy legal obligations and to enable proper governance processes such as internal audit and external audit purposes.

Personal information is not provided to other parties for purposes other than to facilitate SDMF marketing and fundraising activities such as direct mail or electronic communications; or at the request of an individual to do so. We do not sell lists of our donors to third parties.

Personal information captured electronically may be stored on electronic storage by third parties, some of which may be overseas. To the extent it is practical to do so, SDMF seeks confirmation that the data so kept will be sufficiently secure as to meet requirements that are equivalent to, or similar to, Australian Privacy Principles.


6 Access and Correction of Personal Information

6.1 Access

An individual is entitled to request access to the personal information held by SDMF about them. This is provided upon request by the individual.

6.2 Correction

Where an individual informs SDMF that information held by SDMF about them is inaccurate; out-of-date; incomplete; irrelevant or misleading, SDMF will correct it.


7 Complaints

The approach adopted by SDMF about possible breaches of management of personal information is for the issue to be addressed by the General Manager.

General Manager
Sir David Martin Foundation
GPO Box 3515

Ph: 02 9219 2002

The individual may contact the Privacy Commissioner wherever they believe that their rights to privacy have been breached by SDMF.


8 Overseas Disclosure

SDMF may store personal information that it collects about individuals with third parties who store it overseas for SDMF’s use. SDMF does not disclose personal information about individuals overseas.


9 Destruction and De-identification

When personal information about an individual held by SDMF is no longer required to meet SDMF’s vision and mission, it is purged from information systems and destroyed or de-identified.