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Got a question about Abseil for Youth?

A few things to know before you get started.

Fees and fundraising

Why do I have to pay the registration fee?

We have limited Abseil and Zipline spots available this year. In order to secure a spot/s, and allow us to minimize costs, the registration fee is non-refundable. 

Why is there a minimum target to reach?

We have set a minimum fundraising target to complete your Abseil or Zipline for a couple of reasons;

  1. The costs to ensure Triple Care Farm can operate for young people in crisis is about $3 million each year. SDMF is the major funding provider.
  2. There are limited spots available and a preference for a specific time & day is given to those who reach their target first
  3. There is a cost involved in providing the right safety equipment for abseiling of this kind

Do my sponsors receive a tax receipt?

Yes for all donations over $2 a tax deductible receipt will be emailed directly to your supporter.

Donations to support your abseil can be made online to your personal fundraising page. We can also manage processing donations via cheques or cash.

Cheques can be made payable to Sir David Martin Foundation – please ensure the your details and the abseiler is mentioned so that a receipt can be issued.

Sir David Martin Foundation

GPO Box 3515 Sydney 2001

Is there a Fundraising date cut-off?

There is no cut-off date as such. But in order to complete either your Abseil or Zipline each participant or team MUST raise the minimum target set before the event dates. 

The Abseil for Youth website will remain open following the event for last minute donations.

If you are expecting ‘Corporate Matched’ donations from your workplace, please let us know when this might be received.

Is there fundraising support?

Yes! All participants have the opportunity to download or request copies of the event collateral to use in your fundraising asks. Copies of the collateral can be  emailed directly to you. Please email events@sdmf.org.au to request the collateral or call us on 02 9219 2039.

Regular email updates will be sent to participants to keep you on track. Plus follow the event via social media for updates.


Facebook: SirDavidMartinFoundation 

Twitter: SirDavidMartinF

Instagram: sirdavidmartinfoundation

LinkedIn: Sir David Martin Foundation

Where does the money go?

All funds raised go to Sir David Martin Foundation. The foundation is the major funder of Mission Australia’s Triple Care farm, a unique, holistic treatment centre which each year gives over 200 vulnerable young Australians, aged 16-24, a safe place to get well and prepare for new opportunities. Visit our social good page to learn more about Triple Care Farm and the significant impact it has on youth in crisis.

Abseil and Ziplining

Is there a minimum age?

Yes, the minimum age to take part in Abseil for Youth is 18yrs.

Abseil time slots/ what time is my Abseil or Zipline?

Once you have reached or very close to reaching your minimum target as an individual or team, you will be contacted in the weeks leading up to the event to confirm your time/s and chosen day.

Abseil and Zipline spots will run every 15-20 minutes in the hour.

All participants are asked to arrive at the registration desk (located on Market St) 30 minutes prior to your confirmed abseil time. This allows time to complete waiver forms, your safety briefing and fit out of abseil equipment.

How long does it take to abseil?

Please allow up to two hours (2hrs) to complete the Abseil or Zipline process. This accounts for your arrival time to ‘check-in’ prior to your abseil time – this is the time given to you at which you will start your journey to the roof top.

It can be expected that due to the nature of the event, weather conditions can delay your abseil time, as well any additional time spent to assist someone “over the edge”.

Is there height and weight restrictions?

The Abseil and Zipline harnesses are capable of fitting individuals from 40kgs through to 200kgs. There is also the capability of fit a harness to individuals ranging in height -with a max of 2 metres.

Australian standards require a 11mm rope for abseiling . The ropes used by Adventure Out have a rating of 3,000kgs. A second safety is employed – this means you are fully supported from roof top to ground  with a qualified and trained instructors/ volunteers.

What if…?

I let go of the ropes? The roping standards and system devised for Abseil for Youth means that you are attached to two ropes at all times. An instructor and top and bottom will have control of your second rope and can assist you so that you do not fall.


I get stuck? The roping team from Adventure Out are trained to perform ‘rescue’ abseils if needed. And with having two ropes attached to you, the team can safely lower you to the ground if required.


I am too scared? Your participation is voluntary, but rest a sure that the environment and team is professionally supportive and are trained to coach and assist you complete your abseil.

If after a period of time (20-30mins) of support to help complete your abseil, you choose not to, you will be safely escorted back down to the registration area by the lifts to de-harness.


I am sick? If you are sick the week of your scheduled abseil or notify us within 24hrs of your abseil, you can nominate someone to take your spot if you have reached your fundraising target!

Please be aware the entire team will be out of office and limited access to calls and emails during the event days and will not be able to process changes to your abseil.

On the day

Where do I need to go?

Head to 1 Market Street, and go to the ‘Abseil for Youth‘ check-in  desk, which will be situated under the buildings awning on Market St. You MUST check-in here first as an individual or with your team and complete two waiver forms.  You and/or your team will be fitted with harnesses and escorted in the lifts to the roof top.

What can I wear?

Please wear comfortable but fitted clothing, such as gym gear or long pants and a t-shirt/ long sleeve shirt. It is important that your midriff is covered to avoid the harness and ropes rubbing against your skin. A long sleeve shirt can provide warmth and protection from the sun. We advise that you also wear comfortable, closed-in shoes and preferably white-soled training shoes – no ballet flats or sandals.

What should I bring?

Please limit the belongings you bring with you. All valuables such as wallets, phones, keys and jewellery should be left with someone you know. It is not possible for us store or mind personal items while you abseil, and we will not be responsible for items that go missing. Be aware that NO PHONES will be allowed past the fit out area.

Can I bring my own abseiling equipment?


All safety equipment and gear will be provided for you on the day. this includes; a helmet, hair nets, two pairs of gloves, a height and weight appropriate harness, and we also supply Go Pro mounts.

All equipment is provided by Adventure Out Australia.

The event organisers will not be held responsible for any equipment that is not provided by us.

Wet weather plan

Abseil for Youth can still go ahead if it is raining. The event maybe paused, postponed or cancelled if there is considerable wind, heavy rain, an electrical storm or any weather deemed unsafe by the technical team from Adventure Out and the Event Managers.


We will notify participants ASAP and also provide updates via FACEBOOK and TWITTER.

Where can people watch me abseil?

We strongly encourage you to invite your friends, family, colleagues and most importantly your supporters who have donated to you! Admission to level 32/33 and roof top is only for participants.


Please let those wanting to watch you that the best viewing point will be on Market Street and in the forecourt or at the Shelbourne Hotel.


There will be a live stream of the abseil from within the Hotel and TVs nearby.


Your supporters can expect to see you go over and start your abseil about 20-30 minutes after your abseil time.

For example; if you’re scheduled to abseil at 1:30pm, this means you will need to arrive at 1pm to the registration desk; you will then have your safety briefing around 1:30pm and be ready to step over the edge around 1:45pm.


So tell your supporters they can expect to see you abseil around 2pm.


The best vantage point for watching abseilers is the front steps and beer garden area of the Shelbourne Hotel.

What about photos and videos taken on the day?

There will be photographers located on the Ground Floor and Roof Top. Photographers will endeavour to capture each participant through their abseil journey.

An email containing a unique URL link to view and download your photos from the day will be sent to you or the team captain within 24hrs after your abseil.

Photos and videos will also be available post event via SDMF’s Facebook page and by contacting the Foundation directly.

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